A BAR Affair with TypeCrit featuring Martin Majoor

Definitely our type of night

We were super happy to host an exciting evening with the legendary Meet-up group TypeCrit Amsterdam, who arranged a talk by typographic powerhouse Martin Majoor. The topic of discussion for the evening was The Questa Project, a font he released late 2014 together with Jos Buivenga. It was a fascinating evening with one of Holland’s most influential typographers.
Martin Majoor started his type design career in the mid-1980’s. He designed several award-winning typefaces, like Scala, Seria and Nexus.
The Scala family is a worldwide bestseller and has established a position as a ‘classic’ amongst digital typefaces. Besides working as a type designer, Martin designed several books, ranging from poetry to more complex scientific books. He gives type design workshops and lectures worldwide at art schools and design conferences and has written articles for magazines like Items, 2+3D, and Eye, as well as contributed to several books on typography. Martin currently works in both The Netherlands and Poland.

One of Holland’s most influential typographers

The Questa Project is a type design adventure by Dutch type designers Martin Majoor and Jos Buivenga. Their collaboration began in 2010, using Buivenga’s initial sketches for a squarish Didot-like display typeface as a starting point. It was a perfect base on which to apply Majoor’s type design philosophy that a serif typeface is a logical starting point for creating a sans serif version and not the other way around. The extensive Questa family includes serif, sans, and display typefaces.
More information about The Questa Project can be found here.

Photos of this event were kindly provided by Mr. René Louter and Ms. Sophie van Veen

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