A BAR Affair with Shelby Earl

Talk about setting the BAR!

We are super stoked and proud to say that our inaugural BAR Affair was a performance by the very talented Shelby Earl! This Seattle-based indie-folk singer/songwriter was on her first ever European tour, and used our space to give an intimate performance of ‘Swift Arrows’ to a lucky bunch of people.

“Shelby has the most heartbreakingly beautiful voice in Seattle” – Benjamin Gibbard, Death Cab For Cutie / The Postal Service

It was great to meet and hang out with Shelby. She’s a fantastic artist and a super fun, chilled person to spend time with.
A big thanks also goes to Mark Rendeiro (BicycleMark) for being a fantastic Master of Ceremonies and getting some great stories out of Shelby. Thanks as well to everyone who made it out for that super chilled Sunday evening, and to those who generously donated. For those who couldn’t make it, we did manage to record the performance (audio only), and Shelby has been kind enough to let us share that with you. Therefore, scroll down, press play, kick back and enjoy the night!. Thanks again Shelby!

To check out more of Shelby and her great musical work, visit her
website, Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter pages.

To experience the amazing evening, check out the live recording below

Some snaps from the night, courtesy of Ms Sophie van Veen

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