A’dams Bold Characters


Amsterdam is a city filled with fascinating examples of typography. From shopkeepers advertising their wares to architects labelling their buildings, most of them clearly gave a moment’s thought to the look of their lettering.
We’ve chosen our favourites and created this informative alphabet that shines the spotlight on some of these delicately considered, grossly over-thought or casually placed typographic endeavours.


Using this guide, we invite you to discover this city’s admiration for typography. With all these examples (and so many more) being visible from the streets, indulge in these world class specimens at your own time and leisure.

The numbers and letters we’ve chosen tell part of the history of Amsterdam, but they by no means cover the entire story. We simply set out to collect those we found interesting, irrespective of their conception and age. Having so many wonderful gems to choose from, we opted for an ABC to structure our choices. There simply isn’t enough space to feature them all. If you have favourites and they are not featured here, be sure to share them with us on social media and we’ll help shine the spotlight on them too!


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