Holland Bike Festival

Holland Bike Festival

“on yer bike, sunshine”

Launching in 2016, the Holland Bike Festival combines different biking activities and sports into one festival, with the underlying objective of showcasing cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport. For this project, we set out to create an identity that would relate to a broad audience from parents with bakfietsen (cargo bikes), to sporty types on racing bikes, MTB riders and commuters – some of whom may not even be keen cyclists. The festival is hosted in and around Amsterdam’s Velodrome in Nieuwe Sloten, and will be an annual event.

Inspired by bike parts, we were able to assemble a custom lettering design into an icon of fun and colour

The logo was the starting point for this- inspired by bike parts, we were able to assemble a custom lettering design into an icon of fun and colour. From there, the rest of the brand developed naturally including illustrations of all types of bikes, background patterns, and so forth.

CLIENT: Cycle Fun Productions
Produced under the WE ARE MACHINE collective

Cycling – fun times for the whole family

Amsterdam’s very own Velodro-my that’s steep!

Hosted at the Velodrome Amsterdam, which is one of three velodromes in The Netherlands. For those unfamiliar with velodrome tracks, they are quite a sight to behold. the corners are banked at a hell of an angle – in fact a whopping 47°, and the entire 200 meter track is made up of beautiful wooden slats. The first velodromes were constructed during the mid-late 19th century. The oldest, from 1877, is Preston Park in Brighton, UK.

The corners are banked at a hell of an angle – in fact a whopping 47°

Some of us went down to the Velodrome here in Amsterdam to visit and experience the building, as it can be a great inspiration to see the location of where our work will end up. What did we pick out? The colours and the dated (or let’s just call it ‘vintage’) look of the building.

Important cycling events held on tracks usually have lines laid out in a specified arrangement. There are some variations between velodromes, but they all aim to assist riders in holding a straight line and avoid drifting onto the flatter section below where they risk their tyres sliding out.

Short run-down of the colours, starting from the inside out. The inside sky blue band is typically 10% of the surface. It’s not technically a part of the track; although it’s not illegal to ride there, moving into it to shortcut another rider gets you disqualified. 20 centimetres above the blue is the black measurement line. The inner edge of defines it the full length of the track. Then there’s a red and black sprinter’s lane, a black finish line and another blue line for motorbikes. So stay sharp and keep track on the track.

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