De Tandwielenfabriek

cognitive design leads to a prize

De Tandwielenfabriek is a housing development by property developers Buro Amsterdam. They got their hands on an old cog factory (‘tandwielenfabriek’) in central Amsterdam and transformed them into industrial lofts. We produced a promotional package around the development to compliment the sales period of the properties. This result we created, is an identity for the development, an extensive website showcasing the properties, and an accompanying brochure for potential clients to take away which we are particularly proud of.

Buro Amsterdam won the prestigious ‘Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal’ in 2015 for this project

Buro Amsterdam won the prestigious ‘Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal‘ in 2015 for this project, a yearly prize from the Amsterdam municipality for the best initiative in the field of redevelopment, renovation and/ or heritage. Showing that when given the trust and space to create our visions, we can deliver communications that help transform every day projects into prize winners.

Client: Buro Amsterdam

From cogs to luxury homes

Industrial is the new luxurious

Right smack bang in the middle of the hip and happening Nieuwmarkt area, in between the Recht Boomssloot and the Oude Waal, nestles a special industrial building that was built in the 1920s. The neighbourhood used to have the nickname ‘De Lastage’, after a 16th century harbour. In the early twentieth century this poor and crowded residential area was cleaned up and space was cleared for some industrial sites. At that point the building initially started out as a factory producing bed sheets, before the company Blom Tandwielen took it over and made it into a cog factory, which it remained until the mid-eighties.

After the company produced its last cog, the building remained derelict.

The building would be best served, and preserved, by giving it a new lease of life

That is, until Buro Amsterdam convinced the local council that the building would be best served, and preserved, by giving it a new lease of life, and helping towards Amsterdam’s ever growing housing demands.

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