Kimchi with Outlanders Brewing


Outlanders be brewin’ like insiders

A little fun fact about our Seton: he brews beer. Together with two of his buddies he forms Outlanders Brewing, cooking up internationally inspired ales right here in Amsterdam. This August they attended their very first ever beer festival called Kimchi (they sell beer, no Korean). It’s hosted by Oedipus Brewing and coincidentally featured a leaflet designed by Studio BAR!
More importantly, of course, is that Outlanders Brewing, getting to present itself officially to the world for the very first time, needed a house style. So that’s what we did, we created one. The three guys represent three different parts of the world – Scotland, Canada and Friesland – which can all be clearly recognised on the giant banner they printed for the front of their stall.

So keep your eye out in future for some yummy jasmine rye IPA called Granny’s Garden Granade, dark red ale called Auburn Rebel or a sichuan pepper white beer.

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