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Are Chiew for real right now?

Our favourite MC, Mr. Mark Rendeiro, officially launched his new podcast series: Realities Podcast right here in the studio, kicking it off in front of a live studio audience!

Chiew shares interesting insights on the lighter aspects of the environmental movement

In this first ever episode of Realities Podcast, Mark talks to Chiew Chong, a successful financial man who somehow found himself at the center of World Wildlife Fund universe. Chiew’s recent book ‘Life on Planet WWF – From Archbishops to Belly Dancers – my time at WWF’ is a memoir told via a captivating series of insights into what it’s like when a corporate executive joins world’s largest conservation organization, the WWF. Hear about a fascinating universe of gun-slinging poachers, corporate executives, committed conservationists and bare-footed priests. Having spent more than twenty years at the WWF, Chiew shares interesting insights on the lighter aspects of the environmental movement.

You’ll hear stories of Malaysian villagers tricking bees into harvesting their honey or wild elephants licking salt – and you’ll certainly want to hear the story of when nature’s call had him searching desperately for a toilet at Buckingham Palace. Having both traveled widely and having met countless fascinating personalities, Mark and Chiew will take you with them on a global journey through the world of corporates and environmental solutions.

To listen to the full podcast go to the Realities Podcast website.

 Some background on these interesting fellows

(Bicycle) Mark Rendiero

Our host, BAR Affair alumni Portuguese-American Mark Rendeiro, is many things: an alternative journalist and independent podcast producer specializing in online journalism, social movements and global conflicts. As a follow-up to his succesful podcast series Citizen Reporter, Mark now presents Realities Podcast with a new focus and a fresh look at the world, people, and the different ways we approach life.

Chiew Y. Chong

Chiew was born in Malaysia of Chinese parentage. Upon completion of his schooling at a Jesuit-run school in Kuala Lumpur, he set off for London. Qualifying as a chartered accountant, Chiew worked in the Far East and in Europe, where he held senior financial positions at a number of major international corporations. In 1991 he decided he needed a change, and, almost by accident, he joined WWF – Worldwide Fund for Nature, where he remained for several years, leaving only in 2012.

Since his departure from WWF Chiew has been collecting his insightful stories in a book, laying bare the colourful aspect of WWF’s inner soul, viewed through his eyes as their financial director. His book not only makes an interesting read for anyone interested in the non-profit sector, but also for those who enjoy a good, funny anecdote.

Find out more on lifeonplanetwwf.com

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