The Studio

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, we produce high end communication visuals which effectively communicate the value of your company by means of clear and distinctive design solutions.

Our clients share a common belief that a well presented brand or product gets attention from its intended audience, providing an ideal starting point for success.

The essence of Studio ‘Beggs And Ruijgrok’

We’re a bite-size creative communications studio which communicates the true value of a company through bespoke, considered and distinctive design solutions. We enjoy working with clients who fundamentally believe that brands who get creative get noticed. Our team comes from different places, bringing diverse skills and perspectives to every challenge we face.

We enjoy working with clients who fundamentally believe that brands who get creative get noticed

Studio BAR, founded by Seton Beggs and Jochem Ruijgrok, was officially launched in May 2014, however the guys joined forces much earlier. Since meeting as students at the world-renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the two have collaborated on several projects over a number of years before deciding to form a business together. Since its opening, the studio has grown to an international team of four, including an essential project manager who understands how to get the most out of the three-man design team, within the given time frame.

The style Seton and Jochem have set for the studio has been referred to as “Dutch Design with an international twist” by some of our peers, which we imagine is largely due to the fact that the entire team has lived and worked abroad during our careers.

We creatively combine, strategic thinking, modern tools and traditional crafts to create memorable communication

Using our expertise in graphic design and all its related aspects, the studio is fully equipped to tailor unique solutions to fit the goals of our client’s challenge. With high proficiency in creative digital, and handcrafted work, we take it upon ourselves to broaden the potential of your vision with all the available resources at hand. We creatively combine strategic thinking, modern tools and traditional crafts to create memorable communication.

Our clients choose us because we work closely with them, taking their best interests to heart and are reliable. In return, we deliver the best visual communication possible, and most importantly, form lasting relationships.


Secondary to our work, we occasionally host ‘BAR Affairs’ which connect people and networks face-to-face via cultural initiatives and collaborative events. To check upcoming events visit our news page.

The folks behind Studio BAR

Contrary to what some may think, Studio BAR is not run by pixies.
We are a small yet brave team of four, each armed with a unique skill set. Together, we are ready to take on your challenge.



Koninkrijk Der Nederlanden
Project Manager
IPA’s and popsicles



Koninkrijk Der Nederlanden
Artistic Direction
Graphic Communication
Pinot noir and free jazz



United States of America
Graphic Communication
Wild ales and banjos



United Kingdom of Great Britain
Creative Direction
Graphic Communication
Ultimate Frisbee
Stouts and bacon sandwiches

The way we work

We will be the first to admit that the way creatives work can appear somewhat… chaotic. However, as professionals, it’s our responsibility to follow a process. Our hope is that by sharing it with you, you’ll know what you can do in order to get the most out of us.

Introduction, Planning and Kickoff


1.Initial contact – Let’s see if we want to work together! 

We are in an aesthetic industry. So do honestly ask yourself if you like the look and feel of things we’ve done in the past.

At this point, we also suggest thinking who your one contact person will be, as we are ready to introduce you to ours.

Meanwhile, if you posses any premade content to work with (ie style guides, written texts, images etc), it would be great if you could provide this as complete as possible. This gives us a running start, and helps overall efficiency.


3. Timelines & Content – All aboard! Work commences on schedule!

First thing we do for ourselves is finalise our planning, reserving the time we need to produce your project prior to the deadline.

2. Engagement – The good old fashioned spit n’ shake

This is where you get to tell us in detail what you’re after, and when you want it.

We will then create a quote based on this information.

Once you’ve seen the quote and are happy to proceed, we request that you shoot us a mail confirming so, because we cannot start work without a written approval.

The more detailed your brief, the more detailed the quote can be.

Research, Proposals
and Development

At this point, we rely on your feedback of the proposals, along with any nudges of concern/ caution before proceeding. We typically offer 2 rounds of feedback within the quote, with this being the first.

This is where overall project efficiency is commonly lost. The trick here is to collect all the feedback from your side, and provide it to us in writing, rather than bits here and there, through various media which can lead to miscommunication, errors, and delays the process.


5. Stormy brains, first proposals and feedback
After our team completes a whirlwind of a brainstorm, we critically edit the ideas down and present you with the option(s) as neatened up sketches/ mockups that we feel best represents our visions and possible directions for your project.

To keep the project rolling at a steady pace, we will advise on a date to receive the feedback by (dependant on the timeline)


4. Research, and the soaking up new knowledge

The foundation of all good communication design is first understanding what it is you’re communicating. As we are exclusively designers, your world is likely to be somewhat new to us, so we start by getting an appropriate understanding of your business, the project and its key message(s).


6. The ball is full on rolling!

At this stage, the team is fully engaged, excited and firing on all cylinders. We now know specifically what you want based on your feedback, and we know what we need to do to make it happen. We put our heads down and start knocking out the eagerly anticipated money shots.

Any background information you can provide on either of those parts, speeds this stage up.

Feedback, Revisions
and Delivery!

We kindly request that the invoice is paid within the 30 day term stated.

7. They say 4 eyes are better than 2…

At this point, we proudly show you the fruits of our combined labour.

8.You’ve got mail!

After taking on board your latest feedback package, we send you the final works, all new and polished, resulting in an awesome example of graphic communication design, which we are all super proud of. If indeed the works are of a physical nature, and you have no option to collect them, we can always advise on courier options to make life easier.

9. And that’s a wrap!

Having signed off on an efficiently run project with a result to be proud of, the only thing left for us to do is send you an invoice, stating where all the resources went. Meanwhile, should you have any feedback to give us (for better or worse) on the project, service, or anything else related to the work, we would be grateful for the opportunity to hear it.


We invite you to look over it through a magnifying glass, and see if there are any details you feel could enhance the project or any incorrect information (such as phone numbers/ typos/ etc). This is the second feedback round of the two rounds offered in the quote, and again, efficiency is ensured by the feedback being collected into one document, and delivered in writing.

More rounds of feedback after this point are of course possible, however they may end up as extra costs on the invoice at the end, so we advise on being thorough.

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