A BAR Affair with Beer Labels

A BAR Affair

“Don’t label me”
– Said no beer bottle ever

FINALLY we managed to combine our two favourite things for this BAR Affair. Yes, November 19th was all about graphic design and delicious beers.

Together with a fine selection of superstar brewers, we literally shone the spotlight on their excellent beer labels for a change.

We literally shone the spotlight on beer labels

Whilst of course also sampling one or two of the beers themselves.. *burp*

The poster here on the left was lovingly and laboriously cut and pasted together from quite literally hundreds of VEDETT beer labels, and is most definitely a one off.

A big thanks to Maallust, The Butcher’s Tears, Two Chefs Brewing, Oedipus, BOYS BIER, Amsterdam Brewboys, and of course VEDETT for showing up in person(s) and supporting the event.

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