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We think it’s nice to share the less obvious things we do and like, that make us us.

Last call

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for this particular bar to call closing time. As of DEC 01 2017, Studio BAR will be a thing of the past. We would like to mention that this is due to a mutual and respectful decision made by both partners, and was not forced as a result […]

Type walk with Maarten Helle

Last week we were given a tour around the centre of Amsterdam by Maarten Helle, who showed us a wide array of street typography – some of which was definitely new to us. The man behind the book Amsterdam in Letters has been looking up at buildings around our city streets for years now in search of […]


Outlanders Brewing at Kimchi Beer Festival

A little fun fact about our Seton: he brews beer. Together with two of his buddies he forms Outlanders Brewing, cooking up internationally inspired ales right here in Amsterdam. This August they attended their very first ever beer festival called Kimchi (they sell beer, no Korean). It’s hosted by Oedipus Brewing and coincidentally featured a […]


On the property (albeit brochure) ladder!

With our fourth property brochure well and truly under our belts within a year, it appears it’s a fast growing talent of ours! Working along side a couple realtors here in Amsterdam, we have been fortunate enough to be asked to make and deliver sales brochures to accompany some ridiculously luxurious houses. 

Windmill Tournament 2016

Maybe we saw you there? Well, you at least heard about it on the radio, right? Last weekend was the Windmill Tournament, a high-level international Ultimate Frisbee tournament with national teams like Israel, Iceland and Uganda. This is an event worth biking to Amsterdam far west for.

100 years of Amsterdamse School

It’s now a hotel, but what was once built as the ‘Scheepvaarthuis’ became the first example of the Amsterdamse School, a style now  exactly one-hundred years old. The Amsterdamse School is a Dutch architectural style which popped up around 1910 and lasted until the 1930s. The architecture, and the movement that goes with it, are […]

Thomasine Gloves in Regionmuseet Kristianstad

We are hella proud of our buddy Thomasine Barnekow, whose gloves are showing in their very own exhibition in the Swedish museum Regionmuseet Kristianstad! The exhibition was curated by Thomasine herself and features her own work, plus that of people who used her gloves as inspiration. Our paper-cut posters are *blush blush* also included in that happy […]

A BAR Affair with Gloves & Glühwein

Our glovely friend Thomasine, of Thomasine gloves, makes amazeballs haute couture gloves which she has generously provided to serve as inspiration for our Christmas borrel (the well-known Ker-mi-bo) exhibition. This collaboration with Thomasine gloves led to some papertastic faces, the result of which you can come and see during the borrel.

DAMN° Magazine

Yup, we’re lucky bastards: we find a DAMN° Magazine in our mail every month. What they say about themselves: DAMN° is an independent publication with open-minded views on the interchangeable worlds of design, architecture and art.

Windmill Tournament 2015

Last weekend saw high level Ultimate Frisbee players from across the continent battle it out for the bronze elephant trophies of the Windmill tournament. We designed a new house style, the 2015 logo and the merchandise for this year


That’s right people, we made it past the first year. We saw through a move, a full-on renovation, some very late nights, and the order of too much hand soap. Ladies and gentlement, we can still see the sight of each other every morning over that first coffee and will continue our work for many […]

A BAR Affair in Major and Minor

We were thrilled that this BAR Affair went totally classic – as in classical music! Together with Annelies Jonkers we hosted an evening with an entire array of classical music performances. The living-room-concert-style evening was filled with high notes and low notes, singers and instruments, duos, trios, beers and enjoyment.

A BAR Affair with 9 Holes

Don’t let the new year’s blues get you feeling one over par! Instead, let’s club together and turn those cold frowns upside down and play a round of fully authentic ‘boeren’ (farmers) mini-golf! Why is it Dutch farmers mini-golf? Well, let’s just say that the clubs were as unconventional as the ways we saw them used.

NBFT BAR Quiz Fundraiser

QUESTION: If a flying saucer made of plastic travels at 47km/h, and you throw a pint of beer at it, how many plane tickets can you buy for the price of one pub? ANSWER: 17! …or at least that’s how many tickets we’re helping contribute towards with the proceeds of our spectacular, ultimate brain bending […]

A BAR Affair with One-Thousand-And-One Glyphs

We were privileged to host an exciting evening with linguist and Arabic font designer Thomas Milo [DecoType] and graphic designer Tarek Atrissi [Tarek Atrissi Design], who shared with us two very different, yet complimentary perspectives on using (digitized) Arabic in everyday life. The evening was expertly moderated by the talented journalist Mark Rendeiro of Realities […]

DAE infographics workshop

Since we are in close contact with the faculty of our old stomping ground of the Design Academy in Eindhoven, we were asked if we would be interested to host a 2 day workshop for 30 students who were going to embark on an excursion to Marrakesh in Morocco by bus (shudder). The teachers, spotting […]


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